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Quick Elm Facts 

  • Trees add not only beauty but value to our property. The value of a mature elm for insurance purposes is US$2,500 (C$3,600). 

  • The 7,700,000 elm trees in urban centres in North America have a combined value of over US$19 billion

  • Dutch elm disease got its name because it was discovered by scientists in Holland in 1917.

  • The seven Dutch scientists who first identified Dutch elm disease were all women.

  • Dutch elm disease hit England in the 1960’s and within 20 years had killed 17 million of the country’s 23 million elm trees.

  • A second out-break of Dutch elm disease in 1945, destroyed second-generation elms in Eastern Canada and the United States. The elm population dropped from 77 million to 34 million by 1976.

  • Fully mature elm trees can live as long as 300 years.   

  • The cooling effect of one urban elm tree is equivalent to five air conditioning units.   

  • North American settlers named the elm “the lady of the forest”.   

  • Elm trees first appeared in the Miocene period, about 40 million years ago.   

  • The American Elm grows to over 115 feet tall and can have a diameter in excess of ten feet.   

  • The Iroquois used elm bark to make canoes, rope and utensils   

  • The film “Nightmare on Elm Street” has absolutely nothing to do with elm trees  

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