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Annual Kits for Elm Trees

Custom care kits include specialized and innovative soil treatments designed to promote root development and the long-term health and vitality of your elm.  A healthier elm will be better able to fight against Dutch elm disease.

Elm Tree Registry  

Register your elm tree to receive customized care advice...more.


Return of the Stately Elm

Writer and broadcaster Jamie Swift examines the Canadian city of Winnipeg's struggle to combat Dutch elm disease.  Through the work of community groups like the Coalition to Save the Elms and innovative technology, the city has achieved substantial success... more.


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New Treatments for 
Dutch Elm Disease?

Researchers examine new ways to fight this devastating disease.

Elm Species

Elms come in many sizes and shapes...learn about them all.

Elms in History

Look at elms in the context  of human history.

Elms in Literature

Read what some of the world's leading poets and authors have written of the elm.

Elm Tree Links

Links to a growing community of academics, homeowners and professional tree care experts.

Quick Elm Facts

Discover something new and interesting about the elm.

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